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Benha University President has announces that Benha University won two awards of the State Incentive Awards in2021.
For his part, Prof.Dr.Gamal Sosa, Benha University President has congratulated Dr.Mamdouh Hagag from Faculty of Engineering (Shoubra) and Dr. Diaa Salama Abdel Monaem from Faculty of Computer and Artificial Intelligence fort their winning of the State Incentive Award in advanced Science and Technology for 2021. Dr.Gamal Sosa confirmed that achievement is considered a tribute for all scientists and researchers at the University. He also added that it is evidence of the university's capabilities for its researchers to conduct their research and apply for various awards. Dr.Gamal Sosa expressed his happiness with this achievement, which is added to the balance of Benha University's achievements, noting that the University is rich with many distinguished young scientists in various scientific and research fields.

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The Cultural Affairs and Scholarships Sector at the ministry of Higher Education attached to a copy of General secretariat of the Arab League and the permanent Kuwaiti Envoy to announce aboutProf. Dr. Abd- Rahman El- Somit's Award for African development concerning food security and the deadline for applying is 31/5/2016.

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