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Benha University wins the second place in the week of the university hostels week that was held in the University of Suez from 14-9-2018 to 20-8-2018. There were 20 Egyptian universities that took part in this competition. Prof.Dr. EL-Magraby, the University president heaps praise on the excellent performance of the students there.

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Prof.Dr. Hussien EL-Magraby, the university president participates in the fifth week of the hostels’ youth which was inaugurated by the minister of prof.Dr. Khalid Abd EL-Gafer and it will last to 20-9-2018. There are 20 universities which take part in this event. 

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Benha University participated in in the fifth week of the hostels’ youth that will last from 15-9-2018 to 20-9-2018. There are 1500 rivals from 200 universities who will compete in the different aspects. 

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