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Prof.Dr. Mustafa EL-Sayed, the head of the MIS Center in Benha University discusses the services provided to the University’s students including making one ID for the students’ form being accepted in the University till the graduation. This statement concurs with the forum entitled “towards an Electric University” that Benha University has held in the presence of many ministers and officials, the faculties’ members and the students.  

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According to the university president’s instructions to declare the emergency status in the university hospitals during the feast, prof.Dr. Mahmoud Abd EL-Sabour, the dean of the faculty of medicine conducts a tour in the university hospitals with the faculty’s deputies and the heads of the departments to make sure that everything is up and running. 

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The results of the Spanish ranking (Webmetrics) have been revealed in July, 2017 as follows:

1-    Benha university ranks the sixth place among the Egyptian governmental universities and ranks the seventh place among the Egyptian private universities

2-    Benha university is in the twenty-one place among the Arab Universities

3-    Benha university is in the twenty-two place among the African universities

4-    Benha University in the 1854 place on the international apparatus.

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Prof.Dr. El-Sayed El-kady, the university president stresses that a regular report should be sent to him by the dean of the faculty of medicine and the manager of the university’s hospitals about the hospitals’ performance and the number of surgeries that are conducted on a weekly basis.

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The leaders’ council of Benha University discusses, in its meeting under the presidency of Prof.Dr. El-Sayed El-kady, the university president, the plan suggested by the university president to benefit from the students in summer vacation in the reformation works in the university’s faculties

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The general department of organization and administration announces that there are six job opportunities as follows; general secretary of the university’s community service and environment development and this is job that has been announced for the first time in the university in addition to the following jobs:

1-    General secretary of the university’s financial affairs

2-    General manager of the university’s hostels

3-    General secretaries of the faculty of commerce and the faculty of arts

4-    General manager of the libraries

5-     The head of the administrative affairs 

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Benha University’s section that was inaugurated by prof.Dr. Khalid Abd EL-Gafer, the minister of higher education, achieves great success. There are many visitors who pays a visit to the fair that 50 universities take part in. the visitors are very keen on let their sons get enrolled in the faculties of Benha University. 

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In a familial atmosphere, Benha university's sons are gathered with the representatives of the institutes and the different organizations in the state in the conference hall as the university holds its iftar in the presence of the university's leaders, the faculties' deans, the faculties' members and the different public figures. 

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Prof.Dr. El-Sayed El-kady, the university president says, in the beginning of the leaders' council, that the university's faculties should strictly run the controls and makes sure that faculties' members and teaching assistants should be on time lest the students' final results are not just. 

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Benha university's council discusses, in its meeting today, the report of prof.Dr. Karim Rashwan, the head of the center of the geometrical counseling at the faculty of engineering/ Shubra. He presents in this report the university's success in using the budget of 103 Million pounds to develop the university's faculties. 

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