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The exhibition of china and the Arab countries witnesses many scientific sessions including a workshop about the energy and the smart cities in which many energy scientists from the Arab countries and China take part in. Benha University’s delegation under the presidency of prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady participates in the session and prof.Dr. Tamer Samir, the professor in the faculty of engineer and the dean of the faculty of applied arts shows Egypt’s experience in the field of energy in addition to showing Egypt’s experience in setting up the new administrative capital that gets Egypt into the age of smart cities. 

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The Department of Cultural Relations at the Faculty of Agriculture in Moshtohor, Benha University announces that the Arab Union for Sustainable Development and Environment will hold the 5th International Conference on “the Future of Energy, Water, Food System and Climate Change in the Arab Region” in the 15th and 16th of March, 2015, under the presidency of the Cabinet at the Conferences Hall of Cairo University.

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